Tips for Parents on Recruiting Providers

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Often time’s families chose to recruit their own candidates to be habilitation or respite providers for their loved ones.  This may be a result of not being able to fulfill scheduling requirements with our existing staff, other times it’s simply a matter of wanting more control over the selection process.  If you plan on doing some of your own recruiting, these tips may help.  Once you have found the person you would like to work with, refer them to Exceptional Kidz Inc and we will begin the background checks and intake process.

Step 1: Determine your needs and priorities

  • How would you describe the type of person you are looking for?
  • What qualities are important to you and your family?
  • How would you describe your child to someone else?
  • What will be the schedule?
  • What will a typical day or habilitation session involve?

Prepare a basic job description or flyer with this information.

Step 2: Start with who you know

  • Many people make great providers with some training and support, so previous experience is not always necessary.
  • A good indicator is if they seem naturally good with children, especially with your child.
  • Ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers and extended family. If they are not good candidates, maybe they know someone who is.

Share your job description or flyer with any candidates you find.

Step 3: Think Locally

  • Finding good providers that live near you (less than 15 miles) usually helps a lot! They are not reimbursed for travel time or gas expenses.
  • Explore your neighborhood – where might you find good candidates?

o   Universities or community colleges (visit related departments)

o   Local elementary schools (teachers or instructional aides)

o   Community centers or religious congregations

Post flyers or contact these places to find out where you can advertise.

Step 4: Advertising Resources

  • ASU Job Board – open to the public, not just ASU students! Post your position for anywhere in the valley, even if not near ASU. It’s free! (
  • – $25 to post a “job offered” classified
  • Your local town newspaper
  • Sample Ad: “Great job opportunity to make a difference in the life of our child with autism; part-time; $8 – 12/hr; afternoon hours; training provided; please send resume to

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