Home & Community Based Services

Exceptional Kidz provides individualized services that enhance the lives of children and adults, as well as their families, at home, within the community, or the home of a certified provider. Each service is customized based on direct feedback from the individual and family.

Respite Care

Our Respite Service provides short-term relief to a typical care provider and/or guardian. This service is designed to provide quality care to individuals in the event that their primary care provider is unavailable. Our objective is to ensure that the individual needs are met in the absence of the primary care provider. This service can be provided in individual's homes, various licensed community settings, group home, developmental home and nursing facilities.

Attendant Care

The Attendant Care Service is developed to attain or maintain activities of daily living along with safe and sanitary living conditions (personal and environmental), allowing an individual to remain in his/her personal home. Our objective is to develop and implement a schedule/general plan of care to ensure that the highest quality of life is achieved for the people that we serve. To complete this service objective, we typically focus on improving the following areas:

  • Daily living skills (i.e. bathing, oral hygiene, toileting, wound care, Ambulation, meal preparation, routine skin and nail care, etc.)
  • Meal planning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Assistance with participation in community activities (shopping, church)
  • Providing attention to injuries and/or illness
  • Medication assistance and/or reminders
  • Housekeeping


This service provides a variety of interventions such as special developmental skills, behavior intervention and sensor motor development, designed to maximize the functioning of consumers. The goals of this service are to:

  • Enable individuals to acquire knowledge and skills.
  • Increase or maintain self-sufficiency of eligible individuals.
  • Provide training/assistance in essential activities required to meet personal and physical needs.
  • Maintain the health and safety of eligible individuals.
  • Provide services in a manner that supports and enhances independence, self-esteem, mutual respect, value and dignity.

Day Treatment & Training

This service provides specialized sensory-motor, cognitive, communicative, behavioral training, supervision, and as appropriate, counseling, to promote skill development in independent living, self-care, communication and social relationships. The goals of this service are to:

  • Increase or maintain the self-sufficiency of eligible individuals.
  • Improve emotional and mental well-being.
  • Enable eligible individuals and their families to acquire knowledge and skills.
  • Ensure the availability to eligible individuals of information about and access to human services and community resources.
  • Develop positive relationships with and support for families.
  • Encourage family and consumer participation in areas of the program.
  • Recognize and acknowledge that the consumers (and families, if guardians) are the main decision makers in the delivery of service.
  • Ensure that programs optimize the health and physical well-being of the consumers served.
  • Provide opportunities for consumers to participate in meaningful community activities.
  • For early intervention, to partner with families to support the parent/child relationship as the primary relationship in the context of naturally occurring routines and activities the family identifies as priorities.
  • Produce outcomes of increased consumer skill development toward Individual Support Plan/Individualized Family Services Plan/Person Centered Plan consumer and family goals.
  • Assist consumers in achieving and maintaining a quality of life that promotes the consumer’s vision of the future.

Home Health Aide

This service provides intermittent medically necessary health maintenance, continued treatment or monitoring of a health condition and supportive care for activities of daily living at the individual's place of residence. A Home Health Aide serves as an assistant to the primary caregiver, under the supervision of a licensed, registered nurse following a plan of care based upon the individual's medical condition as prescribed by the Primary Care Provider (PCP) and authorized by Health Care Services (HCS). The goal of this service is to increase or maintain self-sufficiency of eligible individuals.


This service provides assistance in the performance of activities related to routine household maintenance at a consumer’s residence. The goal of this service is to increase or maintain a safe, sanitary and/or healthy environment for eligible individuals.